Since graduating with a BA in Fine Art from U.C.T (distinction in studio work), Esti Strydom has worked in multiple art-related fields. Her acclaimed 4th-year graduate work, "Phantasmagorical menagerie" has been exhibited internationally. 
She worked as a freelance photographer for a few years and then changed course when she moved to South Korea. There she taught English, Science, and Art for from 2012-2014.
Upon returning to South Africa she has taken up a position of photography lecturer at various private higher education institutes. In 2018 she graduated with a Masters in Visual Arts (Fine Arts Education), cum laude, through the University of Stellenbosch.
She is currently investigating and documenting performative and transient art-making.
- 'Unforeseen Landscapes'  group show at the PH Centre, curated by Simone Tredoux

- 'After dark' lecturers exhibition at Red & Yellow Creative School of business
- ‘Horizons’ by City Soiree [Drawingrooms] curated by Samantha Reinders
- Minor | Dangerous | Fun at ‘Upstairs on Bree’

-Selected for Lomography workshop/residency at Greatmore studios & subsequent group show 'Molo Lomo'
-Cameleopardalus, from the phantasmagorical menagerie series, exhibited at the regional selection of ABSA l’atelier.
-Work from Phantasmagorical menagerie series selected for the ‘greatest hits’ show at the AVA.
-Two works selected from Phantasmagorical menagerie shown at Photokina photography show in Germany.
-Performed 'Take away mielie pap' at the Creative industries DEDT’ booth (winner of the best creative stand)
- Performed Meet your neighbor, at ‘Injunction’, held on world aids day.
- Winner of the regional round of the international my home is myself competition. Published in catalogue, on website and prints via C:lynk,Geneva.
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